• This is my first ever blog post , so bear with me:

    As some of you know , I am CrusaderPrime , I work out of the Greater Chicagoland Metropolitain area. We have a Team, (or a loose aproximation there of) That varies from 2 active members, to 7-8 active members. The Team is called PATCH (Poverty Assistance Team of Chicagoland Heroes).

    What I would like to get from all of you , is a few minutes to pick your brains, looking for Ideas to grow the team,  I know a few of you were(are) affiliated with larger groups: I was wondering what , if any ideas you hads for recruitment, The whole if you build it they will come Idea doesnt seem to work well in Chicago, with a population of 2.7 million you would think that there would be a few more of us out there, but currently since august there have only been 2 of us who have been able to put boots on the ground.

    Chicago RLSH