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  • 12/22/2014 - Noon patrol: Eureka was drizzly today so there weren't a lot of people out and about, just the homeless. I walked through all the regular haunts finding people stuck out in the rain, gave away all my umbrellas and a good many of the scarves we'd made. Fortunately the only troublemakers were a few stoners at the bus stop across from the courthouse and they were only annoying each other.

    Kids having friends over for the night, so no night patrol. It's going to be enough work maintaining law and order here.


    12/23/2014 - Noon patrol: Nice weather today, still a little chilly. Handed out a dozen or so scarves, got a few funny faces from the non-homeless for some reason, but I inspired one of the local down-on-his-luck guys to start shining shoes again. Apparently he did that a lot in the military but life got all lifey on him as it tends to do. I really hate seeing veterans being ignored by society.

    Night Watch: Quiet tonight. I'm seeing more and more people congregating in bus stop shelters.