The Active Crimefighter: a Tutorial on Crime-Fighting

  • My Name is Eyeless Jack and ive been a active rlsh for many years and my career has been highly specified and focused on the aspect of crime-fighting. Over the years i have developed a efficiant, effective, while somewhat darker form of completing this aim. my method is simple yet yields fruitous results. This method can be called: The Gray Method.

    Step 1: Scout & Identify
    To fight crime, one must scout potential traffic areas and learn to identify Possibles, or people who are at high risk or have been identified at commiting crimes. after finding possibles stalk & track, and narrow down your group to Commiters. Commiters are people who have been identified as people commiting crimes.

    Step 2: Gather Photographic Evidence
    The Most important part of crime-fighting the Gray Method is gathering evidence of crimes commited. Examples would be for instance: A) Drug Dealer: Photographice Evidence of the target of he/she sellign drugs. Or B) Thief: Photographs of him stealing. 

    Step 3: Engage
    Wait till a now Criminal is in the act of commiting a crime and engage. engaging is the act of subbduing a Criminal in a non-lethal fashion. this includes but is not limited to: Grabbling Techniques, Combative Techniques, Stun/Taser Methods. after subduing a Criminal be sure to handcuff or bind his/hers hands and feet.

    Step 4: Call-in & Set-Up
    After a Criminal is properly subdued and bounded, begin the set-up. the set up is the placing of your photographic evidence, physical evidence(found during the commiting of the crime in which you engaged), and call proper local authorities from either a payphone, public phone, burner phone or Silent Circle's Blackphone. for a means of getting yourself out to the streets and getting your presence known, it is allowed to leave a initial or symbol marking this as a capture done by you, the rlsh

    Side Note for When on Partols:
    When patroling, Step 1 Scout & Identify may be skipped as long as you properly gather photographic evidence of crimes commited, and Capture and Subdue your Criminal with physical evidence along with Capture.

    Please feel free to comment, but please do not completly innsult this system. I understand that for some, The Gray Method may not work, and will not produce accurate results as it has me in the past.

    ***Eyeless Jack is a active rlsh crimefighter , and in civilian life a Mixed Martial Artist, Woodsball Player, and manages a small Gardening Business. He is also a Commander in the USNRM, and Commands his own special unit: the Los Angeles Militia. He Trains in a large number of disiplines to maintain a top physical shape, among these are Body Beast, Reinhardt Kettlebell System, Ashtanga Yoga, Optimal Breathing, Tom Fazio's Art of The Sash, Barefoot Running, Shillelagh Fighting, Altitude Training, Muay Thai, Parkour, Center Axis Relock, Rifle Quick Kill, Tai Chi, L.O.C.K.U.P System, Kubajitsu, Apache Knife Fighting, Tricking, Spec-Ops Workout System, NeuroNation, NeurOptimal, Folk Wrestling, Bowling, SecureNinja Sensei Series Hacking, TurboFire, Sniper Training, Water Warfare, and Boxing***