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  • Crafting a Vision Statement

    As a psychologist, I sometimes ask my clients to compose a vision statement.  This is a simple statement, not usually more than a sentence or two, that describes what they want their lives to mean.   To sum up the aspirations and hopes for an entire lifetime can be a rather difficult ...
  • On Super Powers

    I suppose that I should start with something that might be considered heresy in these parts:   I never really cared for comic books.   It’s not that I disliked them, I was just kind of indifferent.  While my friends were poring over their brightly-colored stories of action a...
  • By Way of Introduction

    I really should introduce myself properly.   I originally wrote rather lengthy origin story.  It was similar to the one that I had on my blog a few years past, but it was unforgivably self-indulgent.   So, I deleted it and started over.   Then, I created something more of a...