Anyman's Blog, Entry #1...

  • This is not so much of a tutorial blog, as it is my own personal statements and insights, such as they may be. Be that as it may, there will be some advice to be gleaned from these blogs, which will probably be infrequent, and they may be of good use to all of you.

    First, by way of introduction, I will tell you that I'm actually a very ordinary person, just barely on the high side of average in most qualifications... for better, or worse. I have my quirks, which will probably be laid bare in the future. There are a few things about me that legitimately set me apart, as far as skills, knowledge, training, and experience go, but they're nothing inaccessible to anyone else out there.

    As to my skills, I have personal experience in a variety of urban and wilderness survival skills, and social engineering. At a very early age, I learned how to deceive people. While most of my studies revolved around matters of faith, I had the simple and understandable reasons of wanting to avoid suffering; when you're told, in the lobby of a homeless shelter, by a total stranger, that salvation is your only alternative to an eternity in Hell, post-mortem, being abused worse by the Devil than you ever could be by your mother or some strangers you lived with for a month, you'll jump right onto the bandwagon. Later, I left that faith behind, experimenting with other religions and magickall practices. A series of intense experiences led to my abandonment of those pursuits, and after a long period of soul-searching, I legitimately joined the Christian faith. My years of exposure to a variety of mandatory Church services left me well-versed in the Scriptures, though not well enough to pin-point them exactly. Due to certain personal weaknesses, let's just say that I find walking the straight and narrow more difficult than a lot. Many times, I've fallen off the path, only to climb back on.

    I spent about a month and a half, enlisted in the U.S. Army, undergoing Basic Combat Training; I washed out. A lot of my basic survival skills and combat ability came from this instruction, as a lot came from my time on the streets and in shelters, traveling to different states with my single father and mentally handicapped little brother. I learned a lot from my father, my travels, my environment, and helping to raise my little bro. After I was kicked out of the Army, I had jobs in food service and in a grocery store, which exposed me to various aspects of salesmanship, food preparation, janitorial work, social interaction, and a variety of other skills. I'm a three-time college dropout, having passed courses in basic algebra, English, evangelism, Old Testament studies, philosophy and religion, psychology, logic, marketing, advertisement, business management, human resources, e-commerce and e-business, and biology. Suffice it to say that, due to a technical error and my own folly, I cannot re-enroll in most academic institutions now. However, I did help host an editorial blog for an independent e-zine, I've grammatically revised a manuscript for a religious institution, which paid for a course in Biblical Studies that I passed with flying colours (earning me the title of Doctor of Biblical Studies from them), and I lectured for a small Sunday school class and performed with a Church choir. I also passed a course in leadership skills with another religious institution, from which I further earned chaplain certification. I've expanded my studies to survival skills, scouting, reconaissance and surveillance, intelligence and interrogation, counterguerilla and counterinsurgency operations, espionage, psychological operations and propaganda, and methods of psychological influence, including Neurolinguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis. I have also studied criminal investigations, tracking, armed and unarmed forms of combat, and historically authentic manuals on ninjutsu (translated, of course), such as Shoninki, Bansenshukai, and five scrolls by Chikamatsu Shigenori. Along that path, I was also introduced to a translation of Fukushima ryu ninjutsu densho, albeit done by an amateur with a history of deception, whom I used to consider my teacher. To round that out with some more light-hearted, yet no less useful material, I've studied "How to Think Like Sherlock", "The Batman Handbook", and the famous, "How to Be a Super Hero". I'm also attending Bible University, to continue my Biblical Studies education, with the goal of earning a doctorate with them (while unaccredited, they are recognized as a non-profit religious educational institution, and their instructors have legitimate credentials in the appropriate fields).

    Throughout history, there have always been two main approaches to authority. One approach recognizes everyone as being of equal value and ability, completely self-sovereign, capable of providing for, and protecting themselves, and willing to work together with like-minded individuals to overcome any problems that may be too much for any one person to handle; the other approach recognizes that some people, through effort or benevolence, are bestowed with advantages over the majority, and, when the majority suffer for want, they reach out to this elite minority for help... which they offer, in exchange for payment in terms of delegated authority over the masses, whether for noble purposes or ignoble ones. The majority often see their cohabitation as just one more step toward giving up this authority to these elites, who are either unwilling to care for the many as much as the many are expected to care for their few, or are unable to do so. Often, those who are unwilling influence those who are unable to distrust aide from outside their tightly-knit cliques, going so far as to prohibit them from sharing basic skills and tools otherwise necessary for their continued and successful continuation. I'm able to blend in with just about any population in America - the great melting pot, - pick up valuable information, and accomplish most goals. Yet, there is really nothing special or unique about me; for all intents and purposes, I could be anybody. There are about seven billion anybodies on Earth. Each are capable of whatever I can do, and more; most are kept from achieving greater potential than being just another cog in the machine, by the fact that they're unaware of what they're capable of. In contrast, the elites are a slight minority, who see themselves as being somehow inherently superior to everyone else, and will do whatever it takes to obtain and hold positions of supremacy... no matter who they step all over on their way up the proverbial ladder of success, or how heinous and atrocious their crimes may be. More often than not, this elite few are easily overcome by the anonymous masses of their victims, who eventually decide they've had enough oppression. They know this is inevitable, which is why they rely on secrecy, manipulation, and terror, to keep the masses either placated, or horrified. Divided, they see themselves as a weak one, facing a powerful many, who could be their friends, or their enemies; united, they eventually realize they are a strong group of many, opposing a cowardly, superstitious, vicious, power-starved few, who rely on them for support and adulation. This is where the concept of Anyman comes in. As Anyman, I could be anyone, and everyone. With no set appearance or easily identifiable features, I could be an all-inclusive group, with no rules or regulations, other than to uphold equity, liberty, and justice. I could be one of many, already, and not even know it; nor would my enemies, who can't attack anyone in particular, because Anyman might be one of their supporters, or not... and, they'd rather not risk that security. I could also be anywhere, at any time, doing anything, and they'd never know. They never know who's watching, or what they might do. There is no failure, as Anyman, and while that also means I can claim no personal success, I have no problem with that; I threw away my sense of self-importance, and consider my identity to be just another tool, through which I can work, or which I can change, if I must.

    Ultimately, the people both have, and are, the power; Anyman's goal is to help them use it wisely, and well.