Quest Eye 0#

  • Quest Eye 0#

    * Marlon Christian wakes up in the morning and decides to take a shower after the long
    shower he noticed something weird it was a note that reads :
    "We are many we are legion!" Marlon put the note on the table in his room and called his
    best friend Tristan Downs as the phone was ringing A knock on the door began.
    bang bang! Marlon got up and went to the door and looked through the door and saw a
    weird man and a brown jacket wearing at anonymous mask who was just waiting hoping
    to see if someone answers the door and Marlon step away from the door trying to make
    sure the man from outside didn't hear him but it was too late the man bust through the
    door with his foot and try to tackle Marlin but failed morning ran into his room to get his
    wooden katana when I went back outside of his room the man was gone Marlon look
    through everywhere but the man was not there Marlon was hungry so he went to the
    refrigerator to get a hot pocket only to get picked up by the mysterious man knocking him
    down to the ground marlon grab his phone and told Tristan can come over some man is
    hurting him Tristan hung up the phone and grab his jacket and nunchucks and went to
    his truck fast as he can to reach Marlon apartment when he got you a surprise when he
    saw Marlon drop kicking the man through the window Tristan walk next time give him a
    hug making sure that he was okay then he then he let go of him and punched him in the
    Marlon: I'm so glad you came here even though you're kind of late
    Tristan: sorry man I had truck problems wish I was here sooner I'm glad you
    were able to take that guy out I'm surprised that your fat ass can be able to get up and
    drop kick him
    Marlon: Im also surprised too wait that's not cool!
    Tristan: Ha ha ha ha I'm just glad your okay man why did he attack you? tell me what
    Marlon: I woke up I took a shower after I got out I found a note saying we are many we ..
    Tristan: Are One. Okay dude I found a note like that weeks ago I thought Autumn was
    trying pull a dumb prank on me.
    Marlon: Oh shit you don't think that's Autumn?
    Tristan: That's not my sister Mims its a guy!
    Marlon: Let's be honest here She has a guy like body
    Tristan: Oh God!
    * Tristan walk out outside see if the guy was really Autumn the guy started beeping loudly
    Tristan saw a red glowing beeper in the the guy coat pocket Tristan ran saw Marlon
    walked outside tackles him the guy exploded*
    Marlon: Ow I thought that guy hurt more
    Tristan: Are you OK?!
    Marlon: Your crushing me!!!!
    *Tristan got up pick Marlon up Marlon shouted "eagle!" And walk to his truck put Marlon
    inside his truck*
    Marlon: Where we going?
    Tristan: Were going to my house find some answers!
    Marlon: I think I know why they were after me.
    Tristan: Well what is it?
    Marlon: Tristan I'm a real life superhero!
    Tristan: Seriously that explains why up all night at my place going out when me and my
    wife are asleep I just thought you were jerking off Hahaha
    Marlon: A guy with a fucking mask exploded and your making masturbation jokes now
    Hahaha that's funny yes I been rlsh since I was 16 but u know me at the time I was lazy
    fatass with heart problems
    Tristan: yes
    Marlon: so I became Cyber superhero and I fought cyber bullies and stop cyber crimes
    and even pedophiles when I turn 18 and then met you Tristan you change my world not
    like that but you made me become better person and hero all the stuff you train me and
    taught me I became a real life superhero
    Tristan: I got a confession to make I'm don't call myself real life superhero but I used to
    do those type of stuff most heroes I used to know are Fucking crazy thinking they have
    powers and shit.
    Marlon: Um I kinda do.
    Tristan: Shit maybe I tackle you to hard your acting you ex Elaine when she think her flab
    is food
    Marlon: lol I'm being serious it I'm not superman and shit I can predict 100,000 scenarios
    per second using a advanced mathical probabilities equations
    Tristan: The fuck did you just say something smart for once
    Marlon: I'm gonna kick you in the balls
    Tristan: now your talking about touching my balls! What the fuck!
    * black cars and trucks came to their locations*
    Marlon: No time make fun of me Tristan fire this bad boy up!
    * Tristan cranks his truck up and mifists song played called " We are Fiend club" and
    Tristan spin the around kicking dirt on the bad guys' vehicles and drove off*
    Marlon: That was fucking awesome!
    Tristan: Maybe I should help you
    Marlon: being a rlsh?
    Tristan: Just call me the Fiend. What they called you?
    Marlon: Well I took the name Quest Eye cause famous rlsh by the name of Master legend
    named me after I finally expose a rlsh for stealing money from a church to repay his
    gambling debts everyone used worship this guy even master legend respected him
    everyone hated me at first then when I first met you buddy I expose him Quest eye means
    "Whatever quest I may go I will never lose sight on what's important saving people helping
    people protecting all life for the greater good"
    *Tristan look Marlon with respect and pride seeing his friend showed hope in Tristan eyes
    but now he knows he must train Marlon harder than he ever had because they're life is on