Quest Eye 1#

  • Quest Eye 1#
    * In Floyd Island, Mississippi Marlon was at home doing his homework with his dad his
    father screamed and cuss at him for not understanding his work it so easy but for Marlon
    it was not. When Marlon was younger he was slow minded it took hours for Marlon to
    learn and write things down. His father knew about it but didn't believe it he screamed at
    Marlon walk out sun room went to his room told Marlon he cannot leave sun room until he finished his work the room was nothing but windows and glass door going outside the
    heat made Marlon weak,tired and sucidal. Marlon cried and praying to god to help him
    work harder or his father will ground him may whoop him. When Marlon's mother Earlene
    was alive and living in Friars point, Mississippi he was still is most nicest person you ever
    meet he believed still believe in truth,justice and Peace he was a good child kids used to
    get him into trouble and most times serious troubles he was going insane trying his best
    to be the hero so he learned martial arts from movies,books, TV shows and more he
    discovered martial techniques and styles without learning them it was like someone was
    training him from inside Marlon always did had active imagination so in a way he created
    his own masters to train him kids used to try fight Marlon hurt him but he never given up
    he beaten hundreds of people of age 8 he fought his entire class of 20 people in the gym
    with only his bare hands he had fought literally 100 people before and won he could of been of
    the greatest martial artist that ever lived but he was just a boy the stress of people at
    school homework and the work there even the constant spankings from school and home
    and stress there Marlon block out a lot he thought he was 8 only to discover time has passed
    he was10 and at that time it was too late his mother died and it change Marlon forever pain he
    had before became worst he had given up being a hero and being a good person before that
    problems Marlon had was he was compulsive liar he couldn't help it he wanted people to
    like him when his mother died he was worst he was awful kid still nice but awful. When
    he left moved with his father Garry to the island define Marlon forever because at that very
    moment in the sun room he saw his father riffle and tried to kill himself. Marlon grabbed riffle
    put it his mouth he was too scared to do it so he put it on his forehead as he was crying
    he close his eyes and told god "I'm sorry God I've failed you and everyone and most of all
    I've failed myself" Marlon pulled the trigger and that day changes Marlon forever the
    bullet bounce off his forehead and hit window next to outside door Marlon got scared and
    thought his father heard it he came up with good lie then hide it with a pile of buckets he
    father had collected for reasons Marlon forgot about Marlon was different he had finished
    his his homework under 20 minutes and rest. When Marlon woke up he saw his in sun
    room he ask Marlon about hole there Marlon lied said he didn't know about it he didn't see
    after he was done with his home work his dad blame it on drunks playing with fire crackers
    days later Marlon tried different ways to kill himself didn't work to poisons explosives
    drugs hanging drowning Marlon done everything to end himself never work so he decided
    to become living dead he had given up everything lost his skills and knowledge of martial
    arts and even his great strength he was emotional wreck anger consumed him sadness
    overwhelmed him but he did improve himself for the better mental wise but he discovered
    a secret he was dying of unknown heart disease only he knew he tried search it up never
    a answer he had punch his chest or constant sugar to kick start his heart over the years he became a better person like he was when a kid and doesn't lie anymore like he used to he had accept himself as he is at age 16 he was spending the night at his older brother's house he
    was laying on the couch watching TV scrolling through movies channels at night then he
    saw his fate his destiny he saw HBO documentary of RLSH, Real life Superheroes and first
    time in his life he cried not in sadness but happiness closure he became something that
    day he became a hero again when he finally gotten internet and Facebook he met rlsh
    community at first they misjudge him thought they thoufh was some nutter with a good heart later on those years they respect him love him saved by him and some learned he saved
    many lives that's just by typing understanding people he was taught and train by great
    rlshs and it made him stronger mind and in soul he is still a legend in the making he didn't
    have name for himself till Great Master Legend gave his name "Quest Eye" And Whatever
    Quest he has he will never loose sight of what's important helping,saving and protecting
    all life he will have trouble convincing entire rlsh join forces to fight against greater evil
    and Quest Eye will bring Truth Justice and peace.